miercuri, 5 martie 2014

Lord's prayer by Mooji

A version of the Lord's prayer by Mooji

Beloved Father, 
Who dwells within the soul of my Being 
Whose name is 
I Am 

Veneration to your holy name 
Thy kingdom is here 

Thy will prevails throughout the earth 
as it does in the heavenly realms of my soul 

You open your hands 
and satisfy the hunger of all living beings 

You heal all hearts of sorrow 
So that they in turn may show forgiveness 
to those whose minds 
are shrouded in ignorance of the Self 

Beloved Mother 

Who imparts to all the sense of choice 
so we may finally come to choose 
who are Truth 
and thus find everlasting freedom 

Glory to your name 
Oh Truth 

For yours is the kingdom of existence 
of peace and love 
All power and glory emanates from 
You alone 
Who imparts to all 
the wisdom, the light, the love and courage 
to refer to themselves as 
I Am Amen Om

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